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Ask Alice #6: Alice talks about Publishing.

Previous Episodes:

Ask Alice #1: Alice Talks About Poetry, "My Sweet Hell" Alice Friman discusses what poetry means to her and answers the question: Who is Alice Friman the poet? Alice also reads Rilke and talks about Rilke's work with Rodin. This video features a photograph of Rilke, Rodin, and Rodin's wife Rose Beuret.

Ask Alice #2: Alice Talks About Poetry, "Poetry Has Given Me More Than I've Ever Given It" Alice Friman tackles the questions: How have you changed as a poet over your life? Do you think it's necessary to sometimes let those moments when you feel immobilized by the despair of it take over? She also reads "Carrion Comfort" by Gerard Manley Hopkins.

"Ask Alice #3: Alice Talks About Poetry, "On Revision" Alice Friman answers the questions: Have you ever felt that revising old poems got in the way of producing new ones? How do you achieve the balance of working with older and newer poems? She also reads "A Poem of Attrition" by Etheridge Knight.

"Ask Alice #4: Alice Talks About Poetry, "Love" Alice Friman discusses Love.

"Ask Alice #5: Alice Talks About Poetry, "On MFA Programs" Alice Friman discusses publishing.

Submit your questions to Alice here. Alice is interested in questions about writing, love, or even the weather.

Submit to the Arts & Letters PRIME Poetry Prize:

As the judge of the Arts & Letters PRIME Poetry Prize, Alice will discuss the winning poems in each fall issue. Submit between May 1 and August 31 to have your poetry considered for inclusion in a special edition of Ask Alice.

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Ask Alice

Alice Friman is the Poet-in-Residence at Georgia College & State University and professor emerita of English and Creative Writing at the University of Indianapolis. She is the author of five books of poetry, including most recently Vinculum, which was released by LSU press in spring of 2011. Her work has appeared in Ploughshares, Gettysburg Review, Prairie Schooner, Five Points, and many other national magazines.

Ask Alice is a periodical web show in which Alice Friman will discuss and answer questions about poetry, creative writing, and the writing life in general.

Alice Friman's Website
Submit a Question to Alice


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