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Donate to Arts & Letters

Editor Martin Lammon in New York for the AWP Conference in February 2008.

A Letter from Martin Lammon, Editor

For more than a decade, the Master of Fine Arts program and Arts & Letters have supported contemporary writers and literature in several different ways. With the help of the GCSU Foundation, the College of Arts & Sciences, Department of English and Rhetoric, and many generous individual donors, since 1998 we have:

  • Awarded $36,000 to winners of the Arts & Letters prizes competition
  • Rewarded Arts & Letters contributors over $30,000 in honoraria
  • Provided over $150,000 in honoraria to our program’s visiting writers
  • Contributed over $100,000 to support MFA student scholarships

That’s over $300,000, but that’s not all. Many gifts help support endowments we’ve established to support the Arts & Letters prizes and student scholarships. Those gifts establish larger funds that each year provide ongoing distributions. I’m proud to say the Arts & Letters prizes ($1,000 each to our Fiction, Poetry, Drama, and Creative Nonfiction winners) are completely funded by gifts to our general fund or prize endowments. The competition reading fee of $15 ($17 for online submissions) provides the contestant with a subscription to the journal. You can read my “Editor’s Take on Clean Competition” in Poets & Writers online.

Over the years, I’ve been a steady donor to all these projects, as have many other generous friends of our program, and I hope that you might consider offering your help, too. Thank you, and if you have any questions about how you can help, please call my office directly at 478-445-3508 or email me at

Best wishes,

Martin Lammon

Martin Lammon congratulates Julie Wan, the first winner of the Arts & Letters/Susan Atefat Prize in Creative Nonfiction.
How You Can Help

All gifts, in any amount, are welcome and easy to make. Simply mail a check directly to my office at Martin Lammon • Campus Box 44 • Georgia College • Milledgeville, GA 31061. Make your check payable to “GCSU Foundation” and in a short note, simply tell us that you would like your gift to support:

  • The Creative Writing Program Fund (our general fund, Account #915)
  • The Arts & Letters Prizes Endowment (Account # 338)
  • The Susan Atefat Prize in Creative Nonfiction Endowment (Account # 361)
  • Creative Writing Student Scholarships Endowment (Account #367)

If you would prefer to make a gift with your credit card, you can do so online directly to the GCSU Foundation. Select the link for “Make an Online Gift,” which will take you to a secure web link. After you provide contact info, click “continue.” As you complete the process, be sure to leave the “Designation” space blank, and in the “Comments” section, provide the info as noted above. Or if you prefer, contact the GCSU Foundation directly at 478-445-5400.

Our general fund provides support for all projects, including the Arts & Letters prizes and honoraria to contributors, our Visiting Writers Series, and our MFA program’s students. Our endowments are mostly self-explanatory, but of special note is the Susan Atefat Prize in Creative Nonfiction (a prize in our annual Arts & Letters competition).

The Arts & Letters/Susan Atefat Prize in Creative Nonfiction

Susan was the first Poetry Editor of Arts & Letters and a dedicated teacher in our Creative Writing Program. A talented poet and essayist, artist, and teacher, in 2004 Susan and her young son Cyrus were killed in a tragic car accident. In memory of their beloved daughter and grandson, Bahram and Fari Atefat generously endowed this prize in their honor.

Learn more about Susan’s life and work.


Bahram and Fari Atefat talk to GCSU President Dorothy Leland after the first Arts & Letters/Susan Atefat Prize in Creative Nonfiction is given.
Other Options, and Our Thanks

If instead of donating to one of the four funds listed above, you would like to make a gift to establish a new endowment for a student scholarship or prize (note that the Arts & Letters prizes in fiction and drama have not yet been established as “named” prizes), please contact Martin Lammon directly by mail, phone, or email.

And of course we always welcome support from those who subscribe to the journal, send gift subscriptions, or who adopt an issue for use in the classroom or other educational setting. For more information, please visit our subscriptions page.

Thanks to all of our friends and supporters!

Over the years, Arts & Letters has been supported in part by the Georgia Council for the Arts through the appropriations of the Georgia General Assembly. GCA is a partner agency of the National Endowment for the Arts, which believes that a great nation deserves great art.